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What's Playing       - See what's been recently broadcast from WAWLy.*
Schedule                 - The days and times when the jocks are broadcasting.
Jock Pics                 - (Our "staph") "Our jocks may be ugly, but you'll never know the difference" - until now. 
WAWL Flowers      - Miscellaneous photos of WAWL listeners, events, and such.
Concert Calendar   - Some concerts in and around Chattanooga, TN and 200 mile radius 
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This UN-official WAWL website is by David Mac, designed to be current and accurate. Tell me if you find boo-boos.
WAWL is Chattanooga State Community College's internet broadcast station,
is a training lab for students in media technologies, and is located in the  Eastern  time zone of Tennessee, USA
The request line is 423-697-4406.
Mail: ChSCC-WAWL, 4501 Amnicola Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37406
Saturday at 6 PM  Eastern Time, it's the spotlight on
This Saturday: Bee Gees  Following Saturday : Ani DiFranco  Who?  Check next week.

This WAWL stuff is strictly UN-official. ChSCC is not responsible for any of this. The official pages are here.

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* WAWLy is the "jock on duty" (automation) when no human (huwoman?) is running the station.  WAWLy is programmed by the music director, Uncle Don .